15.4 million halo players killing 10 billion Covenant

Bungie said that all of us halo players killed 10 billion Covenant in campaign and counting! Thats nuts!! No thats not nuts, thats INSANE! That’s 730,000 killed per hour or 12,000 Covenant troops killed per minute!!! Not to mention the flood 🙂


¤Mythic Map Pack¤




Hey this is my first post! The Mythic map pack is out (has been for a while, but it’s the latest news I could think of) and I played a few games. I think capture the flag was great on Orbital but the area was kinda small for Mongooses (I don’t know why they put Mongooses in there because we were just bigger targets for everyone). 

I also played Shotty Snipers on sandbox which was also very fun when we started using the Elephants which had [1] M41 Light anti-aircraft gun and [2] AIE-486H Heavy Machine guns. I do not recommend using the elephants unless you have someone on every gun and you have people as lookouts to see if any one is coming or if there are snipers in the area because the elephants are VERY VERY slow and they are big targets for Bansheeshs. The bad thing is that sometimes when dust kicked up, I could not see through the sniper rifle and so I would see a clear shot, almost pull the trigger then dust gets in my way and when it clears, the guy I’m about to shoot is gone. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but it happened to me. In the worse case scenario I think it would be: I see bad guy. I look through scope and I’m about to shoot. Dust kicks up and obscures my vision. He sees me and ducks for cover. I go to shoot him with my shotgun (secondary weapon) where I think he is hiding. He is gone. He shoots me with his shotgun, point blank from behind. Of course this is only a worse case scenario (did not really happen) and I hope it never happens to me or anyone else.

I haven’t gotten around to playing Assembly yet but I will and I will post the good and bad things about it!







ORDER OF PICS: Assembly, Orbital, Sandbox

Note to readers: I did not copy and paste this review! I wrote all of it by myself. To see an official review go to http://www.xbox.com/ where I got these pictures. I also want to say thanks to my fearless leader, rlowrlow, who has spent many hours perfecting his Halo skills and for helping me getting started on xbox live!


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