Weekly Update 10/15/10

Ittt’ssssss Friday! You know what that means! Thaaaattttts right a weekly update!! I guess we have been playing a lot of Halo: Reach because so far…

To date:

  • 16,445 Man-Years have been spent playing Halo: Reach (Not to be confused with Dog-Years)
  • 784,000,000 player-games have been played (1 game with 4 players is tallied as 4 player-games)
  • 544,000,000,000 Credits have been earned (spend that money, playa!)
  • 3,900,000 Screenshots have been uploaded (and plenty of them feature juvenile looks at Kat’s “bad side”)
  • 5,970,000 total files have been uploaded (your bandwidth bill is in the mail)
  • 300,000,000 Mountain Dews were do’d

Those are some big numbers! Well as Porky the pig says


Halo: Reach DLC Noble Map pack

The fight for humanity continues on a galactic scale. From a frozen xeno-archaeology site harboring secrets centuries old to an orbital anchor defending the stars high above planet Reach to mysterious places far, far beyond, the Noble Map Pack injects three new explosive environments into the multiplayer battlefield, each designed to reinforce all of Halo: Reach’s vital warfronts, from small scale engagements to massive Invasion battlegrounds.

Anchor 9

“Orbital dockyards provide rapid refueling and repairs for a variety of UNSC vessels.”

Within the confines of this low orbit dry-dock, UNSC craft undergo rapid repair and rearmament in support of the enduring war effort. But for the small squads of infantry who now fight over the mirrored interior hallways and open central hangar bay, this platform no longer provides any safe harbor whatsoever – whether the close quarters combat is occurring inside or out of its artificial gravitational field.

Anchor 9 allows 2-8 Players to face off in game variants including Free for All, Team Slayer and Team Objective.


“Though we may never fully understand these devices, it is not our nature to leave ancient stones unturned.”

This abandoned shoreline facility bends both sea and sky to an unnatural purpose, but the ground itself has quickly become another all too familiar battlefield. Though the two opposing symmetrical bases may never reveal their ancient purpose, both now offer makeshift shelter and access to strategic routes perfectly suited for small and large scale skirmishes alike.

Tempest supports 8 – 16 Players and offers a variety of modes including Free for All, Team Slayer, Team Objective and Big Team Battle. Tempest also provides players with a huge Forge palette, allowing them to create new custom map variants that can be shared with the community-at-large.


“ONI officials believe the data buried within this artifact is key to our survival.”

Atop this icy precipice, the Invasion continues. These modular archaeological labs were never intended to withstand such a large scale onslaught of Covenant military power, but the information being extracted here may prove vital to humanity’s survival. In response to the imminent Covenant threat, UNSC ground and air assets have been deployed to bolster entrenched Spartan countermeasures. This site must yield salvation, or it will become a grave.

Breakpoint offers multiplayer mayhem for 8-16 Players, and supports the Invasion and Big Team Battle game variants.

The Noble Map Pack will include all new Achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore and will be available for purchase for 800 Microsoft Points either directly from Xbox LIVE or with a Microsoft Points card sold at retail locations worldwide. The Map pack will be out on November 30th

Weekly update 10/08/10 Credit and Level caps

Well it’s Friday and here we are again, another update! As you see from the title we will be talking about credits and level caps. Lets get too it.

By now you probably realized that there is a level cap. Well here are some charts to show you where everyone is at.

As it turns out, over 70% of the entire population is still at Warrant Officer or below. In fact, the amount of active players who are currently sitting at the level cap is less than 1% of everyone playing Reach. Note that “Private A” is what’s known in-game as “Private Grade 1”, “Warrant Officer A” is “Warrant Officer Grade 1” and so on. I am a Warrant Officer Grade 3! Going for Captain this weekend.

Here is some Q&A on Bungie.net

I’m at or near the current rank cap. Please say it’s being raised soon?
Luke: “We definitely have a plan for raising the cap and when those details can be shared, they’ll happily be conveyed here on Bungie.net. As far as “soon” goes, that’s a term that is pretty vague, so I guess your mileage may vary depending on what “soon” means to you.”

Once I hit the level cap, what’s going to happen to the credits that I continue to earn?
Luke: “Nothing, you’re still earning credits once you hit the cap and they are still counting towards your next rank. So, once the level cap is lifted, some players will shoot off into other ranks and get access to new stuff.”

Ok, so why is there a level cap in the first place?
Luke: “There’s a level cap in place for a number of reasons.
First, security: We’ve seen a bunch of games come and go where investment systems got exploited and broken early, completely throwing off the game economy (even though Reach progression is aesthetic only, it’s still important to us to preserve the ecosystem to the best of our ability) so one reason was certainly security. To use a hyperbolic example: If it turned out that teabagging players was giving mountains of Credits (try it, it gives nothing!), we’d have a failsafe in place to make a fix and continue the progression path
Second: We had some ideas on cool ways to lift it via communal effort.”

We should hopefully have more news to share on those “cool communal efforts” very soon and if I were a betting man I’d say that the current cap will be lifted in the next month or two, give or take. In the meantime that gives 99% of you plenty of time to continue playing, ranking up and banking credits while of course, most importantly, just continuing to have fun.

In other news Bungie says that they will add an official MLG playlist and/or a Grifball playlist. What will that be like? Here is some of my gameplay! Oh it glitches in the beginning but thats part of the gameplay.

Halo: Reach October updates

This is a special update for Halo: Reach matchmaking! Read on. Comment on posts please.

Also: Sign up for “Fight Like a Girl!” Play Halo: Reach and fight Breast Cancer. Double kill! http://flagtournament.com/

The tournament itself will take place on Oct. 23 and 24th – just 18 days from now – with four different events taking place.

Halo: Reach FFA Double Elimination Tournament

Halo: Reach 2v2 Double Elimination Tournament

Halo: Reach 4 Player Firefight Matchmaking (starts 10/22)

Halo: Reach “Play with Bungie” Event

All proceeds from the 2010 FLAG Tournament will benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and NCCC.


Rumble Pit
* Added Crazy King
* Added Juggernaut
* Removed Oddball on Asylum

Team Slayer
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Classic
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Team SWAT (New!)
* Based on existing Team Slayer SWAT offering
* Removed Hemorrhage
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Objective
* Added Crazy King
* Added several gametypes on Powerhouse (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Crazy King, 3 Plots)
* Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes

Multi Team
* Added Rocket Race

Big Team Battle
* Added Crazy King
* Removed SWAT
* Removed Snipers from Boneyard
* Weights adjusted based on voting data

Doubles Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Removed Boardwalk
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant

Team Arena
* Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2
* Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant


Arena Zealot (New!)
* Added a softkill zone to the space area
* Modified initial spawns so enemies cannot see each other

* Objects can no longer be dropped into the boot_base

* Removed multiple duplicate Headhunter score zones

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand
* Objects can no longer come to rest on the out of bounds cliff behind the scaffolding where the Invasion core is captured
* Players can no longer sit in the out of bounds area under the ship scaffolding

* Health Packs should not respawn after 15 seconds

* Landmine removed from Red team’s west cliff
* Respawn time for all Mongoose vehicles is now 45 seconds
* Scorpions replaced with Wraiths (4 minute respawn)

* Respawn timer for Concussion Rifle at Red base is now 30 seconds to match Concussion Rifle at Blue base

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand

* Respawn timer for all Needler weapons is now 45 seconds


Global Changes
* Slayer DMR now has motion tracker enabled
* Evade has replaced Hologram for all gametypes in which players can hold objects (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball)
* Evade has replaced Dropshield for gametypes which create concentrated gameplay in specific areas (Crazy King, Territories, Oddball)
* All Classic gametypes should now include Sprint as default equipment

King of the Hill
* Teams are now always able to correctly score points
* Players standing in the hill no longer receive extra points upon returning from a host migration

Rocket Race
* Players now attached to vehicles after being on foot for 10 seconds
* Flipped vehicles will be detected to prevent players from attaching to a non-upright vehicle
* Added functionality for tracking and reporting rotations
* Fountain of Mongeese should no longer be possible (don’t ask)
* Players are no longer able to jack another teams Mongoose
* Players are no longer forced into a specific role of driver or gunner
* All players start with a Rocket Launcher
* Players move at 50% speed, do significantly reduced damage and are marked with a nav icon
* Players on foot are now able to score points in Rocket Race

* The Juggernaut no longer sees other players as allies upon returning from a host migration
* New clients after a host migration will no longer lose their Juggernaut status

* All teams now have separate capture timers for each territory
* Locked territories will no longer prevent players from using equipment
* The flag in the territory is now attached if the territory is a flag stand object
* Added a HUD_Widget to display contested status to players inside a territory
* The progress bar for a territory will now show as full when that territory is being contested (capture progress is saved and will appear again once the territory is no longer contested)
* Random flag clothes will no longer disappear after a round transition

* Bombs in Hot Potato now properly report carry time
* Multiple hot potato bombs will no longer spawn in the same location
* The carry time reported stat will now always be correct after a host migration has occurred
* Players carrying the oddball during a host migration will no longer receive extra points

* All stockpile flags are now attached to their spawn location if it is a flag stand

* The game score is now set per frame tick based off of the current phase
* A failsafe game end timer has been added to catch any possible bad cases of Invasion games not ending properly

Invasion: Boneyard
* The core will now reset whenever it is thrown through a shield door into a spawning location in Phase 3

Invasion (Assault) and Assault
* Added sudden death to Invasion (Assault) and Assault gametypes

* Players who die before the first checkpoint will no longer spawn in a random location on the map

Weekly update 10/1/10 R.I.P SWAT

Bungie has promised big things for the month of October. They will be doing major updates with playlists and other things have already happened that will make some gamers question Bungie.

Here are some playlist updates:

Team Slayer

SWAT is taking one in the face (being removed) and the weighting for all other gametypes will be adjusted to fall in line with voting data. Expect – surprise, surprise – more traditional Slayer offerings to appear.


SWAT gametypes that are removed from other playlists are being incorporated into their own, unique playlist with adjustments made to modes and maps based on voting data (farewell SWAT on Hemorrhage, you sucked and everybody hated you).

Team Objective

Powerhouse will now feature several more gametypes, including 1 Flag and Stockpile. Because Powerhouse is awesome and we don’t get to play it enough.

Multi Team

Rocket Race is being added. You win by staying on the Mongoose and racing to the checkpoints. (Oh, who am I kidding, you’re just going to hop off and try to assassinate people, aren’t you?)

Big Team Battle

SWAT and Classic are being removed and the frequency of Snipers is being reduced based on – you guessed it – voting data.

Arena Doubles

Boardwalk and “Pro” options are both being removed. Default Zealot is being replaced with Arena Zealot, a map variant which features modified initial player spawns and a soft-kill zone in spaaaaaace.

Team Arena

“Pro” options are being removed. Arena Zealot (details above), is being added.

Score Attack

Credit earn rates for Gruntpocalypse are being reduced to fall more in line with other modes.

General Matchmaking

Alongside the major alterations listed above, a myriad of much needed fixes and tweaks to the experience will also go into effect on Tuesday, including a metric ton of small, but annoying bugs and gameplay issues that we’ve identified and earmarked for eradication. As these updates go live, Jeremiah will publish the full details to our Optimatch forum so you can pore over the subtle nuances of each individual change.

In other news Bungie has reset the credits of 15,000 users. They say we have identified them as the most egregious Challenge Reset abusers.”

For those who have been using the sword base glitch or doing lots of Gruntpocalypse, you will not be banned….yet. Bungie says that they have only targeted users that used an exploit that allowed players to complete a Challenge 20+ times via intentional network manipulation (i.e., disconnects.)

Bungie also says that they won’t be resetting commendations because they feel that the “exploit” that was used did not affect the commendations. They also say “It would not be fair to people who did use the exploit but who wish to retain the record of their playstyle,”

Well that’s all that mattered to me today! See you next week.

Weekly update 9/24/10 Halo: Reach kicks MW2 off most played Xbox Live Game

Online social Networking and game tracker Raptr has showed that Modern Warfare 2 is no longer the top Xbox Live game after a 10 month domination.

Raptr reports that play of Activision’s late 2009 release have dropped 50 percent since Reach‘s launch last Tuesday, with the average Reachplayer already sinking over 23 hours into the game so far.

Over 37 percent of Reach players tracked by Raptr have already completed the single-player campaign on Normal or higher difficulty, a number that approaches Raptr-reported completion rates of over 40 percent for Halo 3: ODST and over 42 percent for Halo 3.

In other news are you tired of joining hundreds of games trying so desperately to gain Credits? Well look no further. Here are some ways to gain Credits fast!

Hint 1: Check Out the Daily, Weekly Challenges

Think of the daily and weekly challenges as free cR. Most of them are simple (ex. kill a set amount of enemies in the campaign with automatic weapons) and can be accomplished from normal play in relatively short periods of time. You can find them under “Challenges” (shocker!) in the pause menu. Completing them might not seem to award that much cR (one day’s combined daily challenges totaled 3,800 cR while another was 2,100 cR), but multiply that by seven, add in the 1,500 from the weekly challenge, and you’re looking at a nice consistent chunk of change. The coveted Master Chief voice will be yours in no time.

Hint 2: Upgrade Your Commendations

Commendations are hidden under “Service Record” after selecting “Player” in the pause menu. Campaign, matchmaking and Firefight each have their own unique commendations, each containing five different levels. Break into the bronze rank and you get 600 cR; silver rank gets you double that, and so on. Upgrading a commendation is as simple as reading the description and then performing that action. Just know that you must play the appropriate game mode to level up a commendation; killing grunts in Firefight won’t add to your campaign tally, and vice versa.

Many commendations will take a while to complete (the “Pinpoint” commendation in the campaign for example requires 4,000 head shot kills to go gold), and some are downright frustrating (finishing levels on Heroic or Legendary difficulty without dying). But all yield cR.  Your best bet is to aim at whatever commendations are within reach based on your natural play style, and avoid spending too much time chasing nearly-impossible goals, when you could be racking up easy cR elsewhere.

Hint 3: Tag Along

Whether your new to the game or a seasoned vet, sticking with team mates is a solid strategy, but it’s also a great way to earn cR. In Halo: Reach, you get bonuses for assisting on a kill (some challenges are based on assists, too) and for avenging a teammate’s death. Besides, you’re more likely to get kills in the first place when your buddy has already done some of the work. If you can join up with some friends and communicate, even better.

Hint 4: SWAT or Not

SWAT is a decent choice for a quick cR fix due to the focused nature of the game type, so vote for it when possible. It’s essentially Slayer (or Team Slayer), but everyone loads out with a DMR, a magnum, their chosen armor ability, and no shields. Kills are quick (one head shot is all it takes), which means you don’t have to worry about playing the entire length of a match. And if you’re a dead-eye, so much the better; you’ll rack up a string of kills with ease and end the match that much faster. Just remember: the faster you shoot the DMR, the less accurate it is. If you miss that first head shot, don’t fire again right away. Wait that extra second for the reticle to shrink to its default size before engaging your opponent again. It’s easy to forget that in the heat of battle, but it could save your life and end the other guy’s.

Hint 5: Show Off in the Campaign

You’re a Spartan; play like one. Small amounts of cR are awarded during missions for kills, and those handfuls add up. Increase the amount gained through stylish play and toppling tougher enemies. For example, destroying an enemy and the vehicle they’re riding in yields more cR than just killing the enemy. Turn on  Score Mode (even if you’re playing alone) to get a feel for the timing required for double kills and other medals. And if you’re playing with other people, don’t always feel like you need to kill everything that moves. That’s just a sure-fire way of dying a lot and pissing off your teammates. Assists count towards a Support Role commendation, so let your partner finish off that Elite whose shield you destroyed.

Hint 6: Get Some Multi-Kills in Multi-Team

Multi-team is lesser known (and played), but it’s great for earning cR. Pitting six teams of two against each other in slayer and random objective-based matches, this game type is noteworthy because you aren’t sharing your kills with three – or, in the case of Big Team Battle, seven – other players. It’s just you, a single partner, and 10 moving targets. Thanks to the frantic pace (five other teams will be jumping around shooting each other), it’s easy to steal kills. That’s playing smart, though the other teams will have another word for it they’ll be sure to share in the post-game carnage report. Multi-team matches tend to end quickly, too, meaning you’ll have more chances at the “lottery” credits earned at the end of every game.

Hint 7: ONI Sword Base Trick

Youtube.com user AlwaysImBored explains a neat little trick involving the target locator in mission three. By using it on enemies instead of the two Wraiths, you can rack up insane multi-kills. The only downfall is that eventually the cR amount drops dramatically, which means you can’t abuse it indefinitely. On the plus side, this is also an easy way to level up the “Splash Damage” and “Cannon Fodder” commendations.

Hint 8: Fight the Gruntpocalypse

“Gruntpocalypse” is a rendition of Firefight that pits you against an army of grunts. Killing grunts is great fun (especially with the Grunt birthday party skull activated), and as this video illustrates, an easy (and quick) way to earn cR. Depending on your skill and speed, it will take around eight minutes to earn roughly 2,000 cR. And, again, you’ll randomly pick up bonuses here due to upgrading commendations tied into the Firefight mode. It’s good for everybody – except those poor grunt bastards.

Bungie the huge tycoon of the gaming world, has created our favorites like the Halo series. Their ability to create well-balanced multiplayer games show in all of their matches. But now this glitch has appeared. A glitch so big that it could ruin all of Halo: Reach for everyone if it becomes widespread. The glitch appears when using the armor ability: Armor Lock.

I have not seen anyone use the glitch to their advantage yet, and I am hoping that no one uses it to their advantage. I am also praying for Bungie to put a cap on this as soon as possible so our fun on all of Xbox Live will not be ruined. Here is the glitch. Warning: It will make your very soul drop into the bowels of Hell! Not really. But seriously this thing will burn your eyes like bleach.

In other news I guess Bungie’s Halo: Reach is actually popular. According to Bungie’s weekly update 9/17/10 since launch…

31,000,000 Games have been played since launch

98,000,000 Player-games have been recorded

8,214,338 Daily Challenges have been completed

255,996 Weekly Challenges have been completed

78,499,560,895 Total Credits have been earned

953 Man-years have been spent in matchmade games

1365 Man-years have been spent in campaign

854,107 files have been uploaded

577,804 recommendations have been sent to friends

4,619,455 files have been downloaded

Thats pretty awesome! Now maybe they will fix the two huge issues on their plate. Like this one: A huge amount of people can’t play Halo: Reach because Microsoft didn’t test if all the Xbox 360’s were compatible with the game.

If you go to this forum post –> http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=48970376

You can stay updated on everything going on with this problem.

Well that everything that mattered to me on this weekly update. Come back here next week!

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