Pack A Punch Weapons

Weapon Name Changed Name Notable Effects on Weapon Notes
M1911 Mustang and Sally Smaller Magazine, Dual Wield, Fires Grenades Arguably the best weapon to upgrade in terms of the usefulness of the base weapon compared to the usefulness of the upgraded variant. Dual wield capability renders this mobile grenade launcher even more superior to other upgraded Grenade Launchers. Good choice if you just respawned after dying, though it may also be worth it for the player to keep their starting M1911 strictly for upgrading reasons. Useful for taking out crowds, however Splash Damage could hurt or even down the user, making Jugger-Nog recommended. Around round 20, it begins making crawlers rather than kills, making it’s usefulness arguable. Reference to Mustang Sally, which is a song. And a reference to the M1911 named “Sally” on the Box Art of Black Ops.
M14 Mnesia Doubled Magazine, Higher Damage, Gains Grip Not a good upgrade, even when upgraded it is ineffective against zombies in Later Rounds. However, is still effective up to around round 17. Speed Cola is recommended. Reference to the illness Amnesia.
Olympia Hades Higher Power, Longer Range, Incendiary Rounds, Faster Reload Time Can be comparable to the original Double Barreled shotgun of WaW, facing the same magazine size problems, good if the player prefers a Run and gun style of play, but is a terrible choice for camping, unless the player is a window watcher, where shotguns excel. Should be traded off at around round 18, when one shot kills are no longer guaranteed. Speed Cola is recommended when using this weapon. The name Hades is a refers to the Ancient Greek Underworld, in contrast to Olympus.
AK-74u AK74fu2 Special Precision Sight, Bigger Magazine, More Damage A worthy upgrade; The Precision Sight increases accuracy and the Gun has a Bigger Magazine. Possibly considered the best submachine-gun to upgrade.
MP40 The Afterburner 64 Round Magazine, Slight Rate of Fire Increase, Increased Damage. Decent upgrade, doubling this magazine size and doubling damage. Rate of fire increased by 10%. However, extra ammo is not increased, making ammunition a worry very early on. It’s advised to burst fire, aim for headshots, and not use Double Tap. Exactly the same as the World at War version.
Stakeout Raid Bigger Magazine, Reloads 2 Shells at a time, Longer Range, Higher Damage, Gains Grip The Upgraded Version decreases reload time and increases damage, making this a good weapon to upgrade. Double Tap is recommended, and so is Speed Cola as the reload time may still be fatal.
MPL MPL-LF Bigger Magazine, Special Precision Sight The Increased Magazine solves the problem of the MPL’s small magazine; however, there are easily better weapons to upgrade. Double Tap is not recommended as this will make the gun use up its ammo even faster.
MP5k MP115 Kollider Bigger Magazine, More Damage Similar to the MPL, there are better weapons to upgrade, however, this is still better than the MPL. Reference to element 115
PM63 Tokyo & Rose Dual Wield The Dual Wield attachment effectively doubles the magazine, and allows the player to fire one gun while reloading the other. A reference to Tokyo Rose.
M16 Skullcrusher Fully Automatic, Higher Damage, Grenade Launcher This Skullcrusher could be considered as combining an automatic Assault Rifle similar to the FAMAS with a China Lake. Although one of the weaker assault rifles, the capabilities from the grenade launcher make this a good support weapon.
HK21 H115 Oscillator 150 Round Magazine, 750 carried ammo, Damage Increase Once upgraded, this becomes the strongest fully-auto ballistic gun, and 3rd strongest overall behind the two snipers. as the High Damage and Big Magazine of LMGs are often the reason why LMGs are favored by most players. Reference to the element 115. Speed Cola recommended. Double Tap should be considered a necessity as this weapon has the lowest fire rate of all automatic weapons in Black Ops.
RPK R115 Resonator 125 Round Magazine, 500 carried ammo, Damage Increase This gun upgraded is essentially an upgraded MG42 without the spare ammunition count of 750. Speed Cola is recommended, and the already high rate of fire makes Double Tap of questionable use.
M72 LAW M72 Anarchy 10 Round “Magazine” (Bigger “Magazine”), Semi-Automatic Effective at taking out crowds, however should really only be used as a back-up weapon. Speed Cola is recommended, along with Juggernogs and Double Tap to help with the splash damage and rate of fire, respectively. Possible reference to the fact that “Anarchy” is the opposite of “Law” and Order.
China Lake China Beach Bigger “Magazine” (5 Rounds), one reload refills the whole magazine The China Lake is not the best weapon to upgrade. The M72 LAW/M72 Anarchy is better with a bigger “magazine” and rate of fire. Speed Cola is a must. Name is a reference to the TV show “China Beach” about a U.S. Army hospital in the Vietnam War.
CZ75 Calamity Bigger Magazine, More Damage, Automatic This weapon becomes a bit like a Sub-Machine gun after upgrade, but it still has the problem of a small magazine.
CZ75 Dual Wield Calamity & Jane Bigger Magazine, More Damage, Automatic This is probably better than the Normal CZ75/Calamity in most player’s views, by partially solving the small magazine problem. The guns have quite a large amount of recoil, making them some what difficult to control. The name is a reference to Calamity Jane, a frontiers-woman back in the 17th century to the early 18th century.
Python Cobra Bigger Magazine, More Damage, Speed Reloader Exactly the same as the .357 Magnum of World at War, but with it’s ammunition capacity and spare ammo doubled in comparison, making it a more suitable option, though it should still be only reserved for backup/last stand weapons.
AUG AUG-50M3 More Damage, Special Precision Sight, Undermounted Shotgun Like the M16/Skullcrusher, the AUG-50M3 combines 2 weapons. This time, it combines a pump-action shotgun with an Assault Rifle with a Special Sight. The Masterkey is a viable asset to further promote this weapon, giving more versatility to the player’s load out and at the same time freeing the secondary slot for a third weapon, the only 2 automatic weapons that best this when upgraded is the HK21 and the RPK. The special under-barrel shotgun is a one-shot kill until around Round 15 The Weapon is “AUG-50M3, or AWESOME”, according to the name.
FN FAL EPC WN Special Precision Sight, Bigger Magazine, 3 Round Burst, More Damage The EPC WN, or “EPIC WIN” is an okay upgrade, but fully automatic weapons should be upgraded instead. The name is playing at the fact that “FN FAL” can be pronounced “Effin Fail”.
FAMAS G16-GL35 Special Precision Sight, Bigger Magazine, More Damage The Increase in Accuracy and Magazine Size makes this gun a worthy, but average upgrade. The name means “Giggles” in 1337 (Leet). The gun consumes ammo at an alarming rate and starts losing effectiveness at around round 17.
Commando Predator 40 Round magazine, 320 Carried ammo, Dual Mags, Damage Increase. Despite the low RoF and average ammo capacity, the ability to have Dual Mags attachment to speed up reloads make it so that there’s something better, the Commando is possibly the 4th best automatic weapon to upgrade, behind the AUG-50M3 and the two LMGs. The name is a possible reference to another movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Speed Cola is an option, though it is not necessary as Dual Mags already speed up reload time, somewhat negating it’s use. Double tap is recommended, but not essential, because of its very low fire rate.
G11 G115 Generator Bigger Magazine, More Damage, Fully Automatic Gaining a larger clip size than other Assault rifles and fully auto capabilities, the only downside to this gun is the 288 full ammo capacity. Reference to the element 115.
Galil Lamentation Special Precision Sight, Damage increase. The Special Precision Sight makes this a good weapon for Tactical Snipers. However, it may not be as effective against zombies as other guns, because it does not increase its magazine size when upgraded.
SPAS SPAZ-24 1 Reload Refills the Whole Magazine, 24 shells The SPAZ-24 name comes from Spas 12 (12 + 12). A very good gun to upgrade, as it has a very fast reload time and very high power.
HS-10 Typhoid & Mary Dual Wield, 8 shells in each shotgun, 40 ammo held If the player does not have the SPAS, he/she may choose the HS-10 to upgrade instead as it has effectively a tripled magazine size. Possible reference to Typhoid Mary.
Dragunov D115 Disassembler VariableScope, More Damage The Semi-Automatic nature of this gun make it better as a support weapon. Reference to element 115.
L96A1 L115 Isolator VariableScope, Bigger Magazine, More Damage The Bolt Action nature of this gun makes Double Tap a necessity, Speed Cola also recommended. Reference to element 115. L115 is also the name of a more updated version of the L96A1.
Ray Gun Porter’s X2 Ray Gun Damage multipliers increased by two, 40 round magazine, 200 ammo held A power boost to an already dominant weapon is coveted by many players, as the incredibly high damage of the Ray Gun being a 1-hit kill until rounds 18-20 (varies by game) make this preferred by most players. Contrary to popular belief, the Ray Gun’s damage is not increased, it only gains a x2 multiplier to the head, chest and abdomen area, though the Ray Gun’s projectiles are 1000 when unupgraded so the x2 multiplier scores 2000 damage if a successful hit. Splash damage however is not increased and ceases permanently to kill in 1 hit at round 20.
Ballistic Knife The Krauss Refibrillator Faster Melee Knifing. Able to revive fallen team mates instantly, pick up spent blade, 9 carried blades Useful if your team is down a lot, as shooting a downed ally will heal them. Melee damage and speed is increased, making it a last-stand only weapon. When you buy the Bowie Knife, it is equipped instead of your left hand knife and is a one knife kill until level 14. Commonly known as “The Revive Knives”
Crossbow Explosive Tip Awful Lawton Zombies Run towards Fired Bolts, Splash damage and direct damage increased. This weapon is very useful for distracting zombies. Also, unlike the Monkey bomb, it does not have a long “priming” time, at the cost of around a 3-4 second distraction, giving the player limited time to escape/revive. Speed Cola necessary to provide longer distraction periods.
Thundergun Zeus Cannon Doubled Magazine, Can Kill More Zombies with One Shot Being the closest thing to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, this gun may very well be the best gun to upgrade, though this weapon should be the last weapon to be upgraded, it also lacks the splash damage problem plaguing the upgraded DG-2, making it all the more better, best used with a back up weapon. This is one of two guns [if the player buys the original WaW maps] that is a one-shot kill regardless of the round he/she is on. Speed Cola and Double Tap are recommended. “Kino der Toten” map only.
Winter’s Howl Winter’s Fury Bigger Magazine, Longer Freeze Time, Increased damage Allows freezing of zombies with one shot and freezes numerous zombies at once. One of the best weapons to upgrade, essentially being a hand held Wunderwaffe. An excellent weapon if used with a Ray Gun or another strong primary weapon. Speed Cola is recommended. Available in “Five” map only.


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