Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies 101

Zombie 101. Some helpful information and tips that you may need to fight off the undead.

Fighting the undead in Call of Duty: Black Ops can be difficult at times. The Zombies are vicious, but not invincible.

You need to use a lot of strategies, weapons, and beware of your surroundings, otherwise you won’t survive. The longer you survive, the harder it gets.

Zombie 101

Zombie 101: Gas Zombies

You may not sweat under heavy fire, but a lot of recruits have been freezing up under the gaze of the undead. It’s time we shake the panic from your head with some valuable advice every soldier should know before encountering the waves of brain-eating zombies.

First off, the point of Zombies is to stay alive as long as possible. You’re not getting out alive, so the goal’s to go down fighting, and fighting hard. In order to do that, you need better weapons. Weapons cost points, and you accumulate points by killing zombies and fixing barriers. Not too difficult, right?

The zombies come in waves, with a short breather between rounds. There are four possible zombie entrances in the first area of both Kino der Toten and “Five”, as well as two possible weapon pickups – a single shot rifle or double-barreled shotgun. To purchase one, approach the weapon’s wall mural and pay up 500 points.

In a co-op game, each person should cover an entryway, and communicate at all times! Let your teammates know if you start getting overwhelmed. You never know which way they’ll come from, so one person might get swarmed while the others are just waiting around. Once the zombies are clear, go up to the barrier and repair. This earns you points and holds back the next set of approaching zombies, in turn giving you more time to shoot and stab.

Every hit rewards you 10 points, but the reward earned for the killing blow depends on how it’s delivered:

Body – 50 points
Headshot – 100 points
Knife – 130 points
Grenade – 50 points

Zombie 101: 'Five' Zombies

Knife kills clearly earn you the most points, so take advantage of the zombies’ low health in the starting rounds to knife them down. Just don’t try to keep it up for long – they can take more damage every round. As for grenades, while they net you the lowest number of points, they can be a lifesaver when a mass of zombies is headed your way. Use them freely. You get 2 every round and a full load with Max Ammo.

And that brings us to drops. Every time you kill a zombie, there’s a chance that a pickup will appear:

Insta-Kill – Just like it sounds. One hit, one kill. Lasts 30 seconds.
Bomb – Pick up this bad boy to instantly incinerate all the zombies around you.
Double Points – All point rewards are doubled. Lasts 30 seconds.
Max Ammo – Completely refill all of your ammunition, including grenades – except for your current clip, so make sure everyone reloads before activating it.
Hammer – Instantly repair all barriers.

Eventually, you’ll want to move from your starting location. We’ll get into more details with that later, including perks, upgraded weapons, and route choice. For now, concentrate on the basics. Communicate with your teammates, rack up kills, and don’t go down without one hell of a fight.


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